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Are you in or around Austin, Texas and want to avoid shipping charges?

     -Please complete this form to arrange payment and pickup in North Central Austin!

Would you like to order 5 or more copies of The People's Pelvis? Order in bulk!

     US: 10% off orders of 5-10 copies, 20% off orders of 11+ copies!

     Canada: 10% off orders of 5 or more copies!

     Please complete this form to place your order.

Are you outside the US and Canada and want to order The People's Pelvis paperback?

     -A great way to do that is to contact your local independent bookstore and have them order it for you. You might even be able 

      to do it online! This option not only gets the book in your hand, but supports your local bookshop!

     -Your country might also have Amazon and you can order it from there.

Are you a resale outfit, such as a bookstore, café, clinic, natural foods/goods shop, library, gift store, et al. who wants to sell The People's Pelvis at your {fill in the blank}?

     -Go to the Ingram website here and create an account. You will need to provide documentation that you are, indeed, a reseller

      (for the tax man), but once you have an account, the wholesale discount is yours!

What is print-on-demand?

     -Print-on-demand is just how it sounds...books cooked to order! Instead of authors and resellers ordering and storing LOTS

      of books in various locations, each book is printed when an individual or business orders it. 

      -Ingram has printers in the US, UK and Australia, so printing will happen in the location closest to you! The beauty of print-on

      demand is that your book(s) are printed and shipped when you order, so waste is eliminated!

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