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“At last! Pelvic and sexual health instruction that is easy to understand, fun to read, and lighthearted while delivering the goods. This is a contribution to the field of reproductive anatomy and physiology for young people and beyond. Wilder’s book is written with intelligence, care and love. Being able to color in the illustrations is an added bonus. Bravo!”

-Rosita Arvigo, founder of The Arvigo Institute and co-founder of The Abdominal Therapy Collective.

“I’m an occupational therapist who is getting into pelvic health and have needed a simple, visual guide to follow along with my classes. This is it! Simple and large print of anatomy, muscles, nerves, etc. It’s also written with humor which makes it so easy to read. Highly recommended for pelvic therapists and related professionals.”



"I'm stuck on the first 30 pages of the People's Pelvis. I know the point is its about everyone but it sure feels like it is all about me. I look forward to going through the whole book several times, at least, but your first section is helping me connect what I've heard, experienced, and seen in isolated diagrams."



I wanted to thank you for the book :) I was having a really rough day with hormone imbalance issues and it was a good companion and comfort." 


"My daughter was born with Spina Bifida and one of the complications is no bladder or bowel control. She wasn't expected to walk and has exceeded ALL medical expectations! When she was learning how to cath herself at 5 years old (in preparation for kindergarten), we used a hand mirror and lots of anatomically correct language. I will never forget her later referencing "my rethra"! We could have used your coloring pages for sure!!

-Holly Grace

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