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Introducing...Your Pelvis!

Welcome to this great and mysterious place. The pelvis is a powerful part of you, and misunderstandings abound! Like so many others, I didn't have a great relationship with my own as a young adult. It seemed to be the source of so many discomforts, and eventually, real pathology! I believe that understanding the physiology and psychology of the workings of your pelvis can lead to lots of health and happiness...and provide an anchor if you ever need to navigate challenges therein. So, like my teachers who have come before me, and those who will come after me, I am on a mission to help people learn and understand how their bodies work before issues arise, and to give you encouragement when they do!

Rachael Wilder, LMT


Rachael Wilder has been a massage therapist in Austin TX since 2009, and has specialized in abdominal and pelvic health since 2012. Inspired by her clients' journeys with digestive and pelvic health, including the emotional aspects of wellness, she created The People's Pelvis to inspire others! While there is a lot to know about pelvic health in all of our bodies, she wanted it to be fun, inclusive and engaging. The People's Pelvis is all of that, and more!

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