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  • A FUN way to learn about pelvic, sexual and emotional health!

  • Transforms anatomical information into direct, everyday language.​

  • Coloring pages playfully illustrate information.​

  • ​Educational and EMPOWERING!

  • Demystifies the little-known pelvic region.​

  • Engaging for adults and those in adolescence.​

  • Inclusive of ages, genders, body types, and all sorts of folks!​

  • Inspires self care and social justice.​

  • Offers an educational base to ground future issues and interests.​

  • Celebrates the humanity that connects us all!​

Break out the coloring supplies!


Whether on your own, with a friend or in class, have fun learning all about the pelvis...and so much more! Create colorful images to reinforce all of the juicy tidbits you'll read, and open up conversations you never imagined...the pelvis is an amazing place...and you are AMAZING!!

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